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Oh moon of August

The moon of August is bright like the day, goes a greek proverb loosely translated. It shines here in the centre amidst many other artificial lights. 

Happy Birthday

It's my friend Kardou Doug's birthday today. 
Many happy returns of the day Kardou Doug and thank you for letting me use photos from your trips in this blog! 
It's my friend koukouneli's birthday today as well.
Best wishes to you, too, koukouneli. Have fun on your birthday! 



Photos: Kardou Doug

The error on the facade

It’s a professional perversion of mine to discover typographical and generally language errors. In my mother tongue this is easy, as I’m very familiar with it, but recently it happens to me with english and other languages I happen to speak.

The ideal bench

Which is in your opinion the ideal bench?

Heavy luggage

How heavy is the luggage
Of an entire life
Travels and places, people and feelings
You saw it all, you felt it all
Even the ones
You may not have known
But, all the same, they came along
How heavy is the luggage
That you must carry yourself
No porter will offer to get it for you
Although you’re willing to pay
It’s you who chose to come with so much weight



It's a mid-summer night and I'm dreaming...