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City flowers

Downtown in beautiful Basel, Switzerland. The colours of the flowers match those of the tram.
Photo: traveller

River flowers

White and yellow, these flowers are sun bathing on the banks of the river Rhein, in Boppard. 

Greek Easter flowers

Tomorrow is Easter Sunday for Greeks and other Orthodox Christians all over the world.  
Photo: traveller

Frozen flowers

From the northern suburbs of Athens, in Greece, taken some years ago. Sometimes, even in this sunny place, there is a snowstorm. 
Photo: traveller

Flower frenzy

This one is from the city of Suhl in Germany.  I had seen something similar in Malmö, in Sweden some years ago. 

A month of flowers

May is the month of flowers. The photo was taken at an open-air market in the city of Karlsruhe.

Educating the passengers

A Swiss train bears the name of Madame de Stäel.
Inside, passengers can read that her real name was Anne-Louise Germaine.
A great personality in the field of Literature; at her palace, Coppet, she used to have a "salon" where she invited the most important European geniuses of her time.
Born in Paris in 1766, she was of Swiss origin. She died in Paris in 1817. 

Tourist in Ireland


After each trip, be it near or far, planned long ago or at the eleventh hour, one should let one’s memories rest for a while so that the pictures will come back more intense after a few days.  

My lady

Who are you my lady? What brought you here to Baudobriga? So many centuries you've been asleep.

Tempus fugit

Time is insubstantial, time is always there. We never have enough of it, time is with us all the time. And yet "Tempus fugit". Time flees, time flies, time is evasive. Time is important, time is nothing when one compares it to eternity. 
The photo of the sun dial is from the town of Röttingen in Germany.