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Diary of an optimist, day 9

In this neck of the woods it doesn't look like spring, right now. It's cloudy, it's rainy and it's cold. Still, one can dream about better days with a picture of magnolias in bloom...

Diary of an optimist, day 8

“Dolce far niente”, a great Italian saying, which means “it’s sweet having nothing to do”.
Sometimes it’s really sweet to just watch the rain falling, or the wind blowing or the clouds moving.
It’s sweet to sit on the sand and watch the waves breaking or the small boats rocking on the water.
It’s sweet to be in the park and watch the birds looking for something to eat.
Sometimes inertia is indeed sweet.

Diary of an optimist, day 7

A few of my favourite things:
Pine cones

Diary of an optimist, day 6

“Dum " Dum spiro spero”.
Is there anything more commonplace and yet more optimistic than this saying of Cicero's who is considered to have been a great orator but not such a great philosopher?  

Sunny flowers

And some flowers because I'm sure you missed them!  
Photo: traveller

Diary of an optimist, day 5

I finally opted for Bluff!, a book about how each one of us may understand the world the wrong way, based on false conceptions or insecurities. The author is trying to enlighten us to find a way out, not continue to live watching "the wrong film" all the time. 
The truths expressed by the author may sound simple or at times commonplace, but in the end we readers need them.
We need to remember from time to time what we don’t need.

Diary of an optimist, day 4

Just wrote an "Ode to the coffee-machine and the kettle":
Every morning you groan and you whistle
You brew and you boil
Filling the house with aromas
You are no soulless devices
Every morning you provide us 
With something we need 

Diary of an optimist, day 3

Which book should I start reading?
The sorrows of an American by Siri Hustvedt or Bluff! by Manfred Lütz?
Now, this is a happy dilemma!

Diary of an optimist, day 2

«When you are about to become a pessimist, look at a rose» Albert Samain. No, don’t you worry. I wasn’t tempted to become a pessimist. I just found this in a book and thought it beautiful. 

Diary of an optimist, day 1

I aim at writing down at least one happy thing every day.  
So, I'm beginning today. 
Dreams are free and I'm dreaming of the deep blue sea of the greek islands or the Cote d'Azur.
I'm dreaming of the blue open sky in Ireland and Germany.