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Monster of the Greek mythology, son of Typhoon and Echidna. He had a snake’s tail and three dog’s heads. Cerberus used to guard the gates of Hades, the Underworld. Only once was he made to leave his post by Hercules and this was the hero’s most difficult labour.
The sculpture of these three hounds can be found in the town of Leutenberg in Germany.


This photo of Donauwörth was taken about a month ago, before the floods.
For some reason, it gives me a feeling of peace, as if all creation stood still for a few moments.
The colours of the afternoon, the first leaves of spring, the water looking like a mirror...

The day I didn't spot the royals


Although I don’t exactly see why should the institution of monarchy still exist in this strange world, I respect those who have different ideas than mine.

Musical flowers

Planted in front of the Wagner Festival Theatre in Bayreuth. 2013 marks the 200th anniversary of his birth. 
Wagner's grandiose operas are connected with legends of knights and kings and the viewer who decides to listen to one of his works should be prepared for a spectacle which can last many hours

Not just beautiful flowers

Wild chamomile from the suburbs of Athens. It smells heavenly and it's useful, too. During the cold winter nights you can drink it or use it for pharmaceutical purposes.  
Photo: traveller

Regina rosas amat

Regina rosas amat.
This was the sentence which introduced pupils of my generation to the lesson of Latin language.
The queen loves roses.

Still in the month of flowers

Is this anemone coronaria?
Unfortunately I’m not an expert on flowers.
But I like what I see.
This combination of colours in my vase, is fantastic, don’t you think?
Photo: traveller

Tapestry of flowers

From the city of Kempten in Germany. 

Diary of an optimist, day 10

I may sound like these ladies in beauty pageants who wish for peace in the world, but I'm thinking why not? What's wrong with such a wish? Let all people be happy for the biggest part of their lives.