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A week of modern art II

Jeff Koons | The new Dalí?

Good bye summer

Something tells me that summer is not going to last long over here.
I'm bidding it farewell with a drawing from my diary of this year's summer memories. 

Suicide pact

During a week-end at a friend's idyllic country house in Liguria, I got an idea of what Annie Hawes described in her book "Extra virgin" or Peter Mayle in his books about Provence or Frances Mayes in her memoirs of Tuscany or even John Mole in his autobiographical "It's all greek to me". 


Mykonos is a well-known greek island of the Cyclades. It's here that rich Athenians spend their week-ends in their expensive summer houses. It is an island where VIP's, e.g. actors or fashion-designers from all over the world,  take their holidays. Mykonos is mostly a party island, like Ibiza in Spain.

But there is another side to Mykonos, a side of history and tradition. 

A week of sculpture

Statue VII
These glorious kings and cardinals of the past are now reduced to stoney figures, polluted by the cars circulating near them and by the birds who fly over them and drop something on their majestic heads. Sic transit gloria mundi.
King Rene in Aix en Provence.

A week of sculpture

Statue VI 
The statue of Arts and Sciences in Aix en Provence made by François Truphème who was born in this city in 1820 and died in Paris in 1888. 

A week of sculpture

Statue V
The central figure of this sculpture complex is Hygeia, the greek goddess of Health. According to the mythology,  she was the daughter of Asklepios and sister of Panacea. 

A week of sculpture

Statue IV
This god of the greek mythology is responsible for the feeling of panic, as with the loud music he played and the shouts he gave, he used to bring panic among sheep pasturing quietly in the fields. 

A week of sculpture

Statue III