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Art installation

An art installation?
No, a recycling system in Switzerland. 

Nicostratos the pelican

Influenced obviously by Petros the famous pelican of Myconos, (there were many Petros pelicans on Myconos, not just one), Éric Boisset wrote the history of Nicostratos which some years ago was made into a film by Olivier Horlait.

Hannover by night

 Hannover seems to be an interesting city but I didn't have much time to visit it properly.

Dark suits and white hats: CeBIT 2014

From our correspondent
CeBIT 2014 is the world’s largest computer fair and takes place every year at the city of Hannover in Germany.

CeBIT 2014

Just one photo for the time being; I intend to upload my impressions eventually. 


The Old Aula of the famous University.